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How Angel's Meadow came to be....
Kerry’s mission started with the rescue of a black and white kitty (Angel), her mother and siblings from a creek.  It was Kerry’s first "animal rescue", but did not become her last.  Personally, it was a rough time in Kerry’s life and she almost gave up, but Angel wouldn’t let her.   They needed each other and the love between them grew to be strong.  Kerry knew she had to take care of her beloved Angel and keep fighting her own battles. A few more kitties came along, but after Angel died from cancer, Kerry knew she had to help other felines in need and Angels Meadow was born in Angel's memory.
Kerry takes in the kitties that no one else wants because of problems due to abuse, and medical reasons.  Others are simply dropped off in front of Angel’s Meadow.  She either tries to provide them with or help them find them a furever home.  30 kitties are currently residing at Angel’s Meadow.
Kerry & Pumpkin
Kerry & Dallas